Mass surveillance is the reality of living in 2019. And you probably know that, in a general way. But how exactly are you being watched, what can you do about it, and how did things come to be like this?

To answer these questions, we are developing a people's guide to surveillance: a hands-on introduction to identifying how you're being watched in daily life, and by whom.

The guide comprises several parts:

Please note that our work is in early stages and actively being developed.

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about is a new collective of US-based researchers, engineers, and designers working on demystifying surveillance. We believe that computing is a tool that has often been used to amplify existing power imbalances, so we aim to reshape the balance of power by redistributing it to impacted communities. You can reach us by email.


We are developing our materials in collaboration with the ACLU of Washington. Our work is supported by the Center for Arts, Design + Social Research. Our zine and posters were designed by Micah Epstein.

Please get in touch if you're interested in collaborating.